Sedation Dentistry in Rockville Centre

sedation dentistry

There are several ways to sedate or relax a patient prior to dental treatment. Adequate control of discomfort will minimize anxiety. Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide is simple. It has a rapid onset and recovery is quick and generally uneventful. Parenteral or intravenous sedation is when we put a medicine in your vein to relax you and make you unconscious or partially conscious. Parenteral sedation can make a procedure that produces anxiety for you much more relaxing.

Please discuss this option with us.

To qualify for IV Sedation, a patients general doctor and/or cardiologist, must complete the below form. It is imperative that our surgeons/anesthesiologists have a full picture of your medical history including a list of current conditions, current medications, family history, allergies and a recent EKG heart rhythm strip. You may have your doctor complete the form below and return it to the office a minimum of three (3) business days before your scheduled sedation appointment so that our doctors may have time to review and ask for any additional follow up they may need. Our goal is to complete your treatment painlessly and safely.

Medical Clearance Form for IV Sedation


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