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Perhaps the greatest advance in the field of dentistry has been the dental implant. Today's dental implant can provide a patient with the ability to replace missing teeth without the necessity of using other teeth as anchors. Implant can allow for the stabilization of previously loose ill-fitting dentures. In essence, the implant will replace the roots of teeth. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat better and can smile with confidence.

First, a radiograph is taken, then a complete treatment plan must be determined to decide how the teeth will be restored. In most cases, implants can usually be placed the same day as the teeth are extracted and in the esthetic zone, we can usually attach a temporary abutment and crown on the implant. This eliminates the need for removable temporaries.

The implant is placed and then time is granted to allow integration into the jawbone. Bone will grow around the implant and will provide a solid base for the tooth that is being restored. The length of time allowed for the bone to integrate is usually three months. Once the bone has integrated around the implant, we will initiate the next phase of treatment by opening the gum and placing a temporary healing cap into the body of the implant.

Lastly, an impression is taken and a permanent post and crown will be attached to the implant to complete the restoration.The crown will be created in a laboratory based on an impression made by the dentist. The crown will then be placed and the implant based replacement tooth will be completed. It will function and feel like a tooth and will remain in the mouth permanently. It does not need to be removed and will hopefully last a lifetime.

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