Gum Grafts – Help Promote a Healthy Mouth

January 21, 2021

It’s a sure sign that something is wrong in your mouth when your teeth become highly sensitive and painful.  There are a number of reasons why gums begin to recede, including bacterial gum infections (known as periodontal disease), what you’ve inherited genetically, poor tooth brushing and lack of dental care. 

When your gums are pushed back to expose the pink tissue covering the roots, they will leave the tooth so disposed that the result can be decay, infection, and loss of the tooth itself.

Gums that are receding need attention in the form of a gum graft. Several types of graft are generally used, depending on the condition of the patient’s mouth. At the office of Rockville Centre for Dentistry we specialize in restoring and maintaining healthy gums.  Our professionals are highly trained in the most up to date treatments of the gums, and we are dedicated to ensuring attentive, personalize care. 

A gum graft involves removing pieces of tissue from the roof of the mouth and from nearby healthy gum tissue. That issue is then attached to the affected area where the gums have been worn away. In this procedure, the graft can also reduce continued recession of the gums and bone loss and will cover exposed roots to protect them from decay. 

Whatever the reason you opt for a gum graft, either for the health of your mouth or the looks of your mouth, many benefits will result from the procedure.  Your teeth will be less sensitive, your smile will be greatly improved and, best of all, it is most beneficial to your dental health. You can eat comfortably, and you can smile and speak with confidence. 

At the office of Rockville Centre for Dentistry, our highly trained periodontists can help you realize these benefits through personalized, accessible care of your mouth and teeth.  You can call our office for the full range of services we provide.


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